© Silanova Irina
I'm an expert in digital marketing.
I help experts/brands to create blogs for increasing income and prepare for promotion through social networks Ads.

I specialize in:
▪ personal branding
▪ preparing an account for monetization and seting up Ads
▪ attracting the target audience to the blog
▪ working with top bloggers
▪ Ads management
▪ administration of commercial accounts
My name is Irina Silanova
Privacy policy
Online call for experts/brands
The duration of the consultation is 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Determination of personality and expertise to use in blog
  • Definition of positioning of an expert/brand
  • Creating an attractive profile head
  • Ideas for the content plan based on the topic of the blog
  • Determination of the values and mission of the blog
  • Definition of ways to monetize the blog
  • Analyzing mistakes in the account

+ Additional materials on the topic of consultation which will help to realize all steps to improve the blog (video tutorials, check-lists, links etc.)

Support during a week after a call and checking homework.

100 €
IG coaching
To create a blog for experts/brands to increase an income from it.

– Determination of personality and expertise to use in blog
– Creating a strategy for growing blog or income through SMM
– Writing a content plan and ideas for reels
– Increasing reaches and followers engagement and loyalty
– Ideas for stories and how to share values and useful info through them
– Making interesting blog with a personality
– Skill of sale of services in posts and stories

+other necessary topics for the development of the blog on request

  • Support 6/7 in work hours (Berlin time zone)
  • Checkin homework
  • Leading an expert/brand from start to the point with first results

Important: I help an expert/brand to do everything for the development of the blog but I do not do an administrative role.


300 € (5 calls)
— main theory
— homeworks
— a checking your homework
— a setting a business manager and account
— support Mo-Sat
— an exam

1. Getting to know the advertising account and the basic tools
— what is a business manager
— setting up the connection between the IG account and the FB page

2. Business settings's tools and tools in social networking Ads

3. Layouts and an ads manager
— ads manager interface
— layout creation
— examples of successful and bad layouts

4. Setting up the "Traffic"

5. Setting up the Engagement and Reach

6. The audiences
— audience gathering
— how to refresh the audience
— gathering and setting up the looklike audience
— gathering and setting up an audience for retargeting
— gathering audience (own subscribers)
— setting up ads to their subscribers

7. Work with statistics. The booster. Analysis of ads.
— differences between running Ads through business manager and booster button
— how to properly use the booster button
— indexes in statistics and analysis of results (price of a subscriber/lead/sales conversion, etc.)

8. Setting up the pixel to the website and the "Conversion"
— pixel setup
— setting up "Conversion"

9. Blocking or rejecting account/ads and how to solve a it and methods of testing ads

The final test of the training and a check after.

400 €
Test launch & settings (1 week):
creating ads layouts
definition of the target audience
setting & preparing an account for a launch
ad check & analysis
finding successful audiences and layouts


150 €

Permanent project management:
  • creating layouts
  • scripting ideas for layouts
  • communication with Facebook support and resolving issues with the account (blocking, confirming the company, creating advertising accounts, rejecting ads etc.)
  • work with ads (setting, configuring, editing, launching)
  • creating long-term strategy
  • regular update of ad sets
  • analytics and reports

400 €/month *
*after purchasing a one-time test launch

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